Kamalpreet "Sonu" Kaur

ThriveSeed Programs Manager and Co-founder

In 2003, Sonu Kaur saw the desperate need for quality education and positive influence in her community of Baljeet Nagar, New Delhi, India. Using her training as a teacher, she began teaching underprivileged children out of her family home. As the years passed by, more children came and left her classroom, and the program continued to grow.

Since then, with the help of her dedicated supporters, ThriveSeed has expanded to include 4 schools in the 4 slum communities surrounding Baljeet Nagar. These schools provide an education to upwards of 400 students 6 days a week. In addition, this NGO has added educational opportunities for the women in their program, as well as Community Development projects to help improve the daily lives of everyone in the areas we reach; this includes the Baljeet Nagar library partially funded by AEA.

In light of this, there is still much work to be done in the slums of New Delhi, and a lot of the work cannot be completed without your help:

Together we can continue to see the people of New Delhi THRIVE.