Curry Fish Ball Sale

Due to the late start to the school year, it was harder to get clubs started at school. The AEA club at PW, however, still strove to host fundraisers in order to support our projects!

Many other clubs have also looked into having an event at school, and since clubs did't start until late October/early November, the earliest date we could book was in December. The AEA members jumped at the opportunity, and we we were able to have a curry fish ball sale on December 1st! There has never been a curry fish ball sale in PW before, and we are proud to have been the first to serve something different.

The delicious fish balls were homemade by Ashley Lo, and members of the club cooperated and worked together to advertise and sell the food. Selling six fish balls for 3 dollars, the club raised $110! Congratulations and thanks to all of those who helped out. The money will directly go into funding our projects. Special thanks to Ashley Lo for making all those scrumptious curry fish balls!

Date: December 1st, 2014

Total Profit: $120